Why did I niche my work?

I have niched my work as I can provide a space so people can be assured that it will be safe to tell, I will believe you and together we can work at reducing the impacts that have been building after the trauma.
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You might be asking why did I choose the areas I now focus on?

There are several reasons, simply listed they may look like this:

  • They are subjects that I am interested in.
  • They are issues I have lived experience with
  • They are interrelated.
  • I do not pretend to be specialised in all areas. I know there are limits to my knowledge.

To me, these issues highlight complex impacts and are often companioned with the most mythology, secrecy and deception. Therefore, I wanted to give people that are impacted by these the freedom to speak and be something other than what they may have previously identified.

I have worked within many areas of counselling which include, children in grief, sexual assault crisis, bullying, teenagers online, relationships, PTSD within the Police, young people and cancer and private practice. I have loved working in all these areas. However, during my time with these subjects, I realised that there needs to be a belief from a client that they are seeing someone who really knows the subject they are going to talk about. 

Previously, when I have looked for counselling support I have been confused by websites that seem to list everything under the sun. It’s a bit like a good restaurant menu, make it short, then I trust it’s good quality food.

So, to niche in this way invites you the client to feel confident that I know what I am talking about and that I can handle whatever you wish to share with me.

I hear of lots of people saying that their support person hasn’t known how to respond or be able to handle disclosure of sexual assault or the reality of a toxic relationship or that a person’s eating is becoming disordered or to recognise that all three are often interlinked. Sometimes, that unsupportive response comes from a professional. 

So, a client’s experience can be that they feel cut off mid disclosure, that the person feels uncomfortable and meets the disclosure with silence or says’ I need to refer you on’. Which implies that the disclosure isn’t safely met. If disclosure is badly met then this can be equivalent to secondary trauma. A person then can then think there is no point in disclosing as they either weren’t believed or that their disclosure wasn’t appropriate. In consequence that can mean that someone can maintain that secrecy and therefore increase the impacts of the issue until they find someone who can make it safe to tell.

I have niched my work as I can provide a space so people can be assured that it will be safe to tell, I will believe you and together we can work at reducing the impacts that have been building after the trauma.

I have niched my work because I am most passionate about these issues that weave their way into our lives. These issues have all showed up in my own life. I can recall my past pain, suffering and lost feeling that I went through at each stage of either not getting the right help, being told I wasn’t sick enough to get help or be told that I was just suffering anxiety and to be offered medication. I felt like a problem. I remember the feeling of wanting to give up, looking for other ways to numb the pain and also just thinking ‘I am going to have to suck it up and push it down. I think there is a part of me that wants to reduce that possibility for everyone, by making my knowledge and support available to as many people as possible so they don’t have to feel those feelings anymore. There are so many myths around these issues, so much misinformation which does damage to people and is triggering for people who are just surviving at best.

There is nothing shameful or broken in surviving trauma. You do not have to identify with victimhood. However, to do that and thrive you may need to support as a way through those confused and hurtful feelings.

So, to a niche in my work gives you confidence in me and it also means I am going to be most effective in the work that I do because it is a subject I am passionate about. This allows me to work within my values of compassion, connection and authenticity.

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